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The Felix Chong Man Keung directed film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) was about a criminal organization led by "Painter". It perfected the currency counterfeit technology and committed the crime all over the globe. The film starred two Best Actors Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, as well as Liu Kai Chi, Paulyn Sun and Deon Cheung Chung Chi. It would also shoot on location in Canada and Thailand.

The always friendly and known as the "People's Chief Executive" Fat Gor always became the target of everyone's "photo opportunity". Because Fat Gor made many classic films in the 80s and the 90s he had fans all over Asia. Fat Gor while working on PROJECT GUTENBERG in Chiang Ma, Thailand was "captured" at a Chinese restaurant.


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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Pakho Chau starred in the film 77 HEARTBREAKS (YUEN LEUNG TA 77 CHI), which already broke the HK$ 10 million mark at the box office in its second week of release in Hong Kong. In the Mainland it also became the top Chinese film box at the box office and received high media praise. Ah Sa and Pakho traded verbal jabs constantly and thought the other was nagging, but thus they became good friends. Ah Sa said that during the shoot, she and Pakho worked on an argument scene so hard that her brain suffered oxygen shortage; for a kiss scene on a sofa, they almost fell to the floor. Pakho in the process even injured her upper lip!


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The Hong Kong film THE SINKING CITY: CAPSULE ODYSSEY (SAI FONG GIK LOK ji TAI BAU TAI JI TAI HUNG CHONG)'s actors Andrew Lam Man Chung, Ava Liu (Yu Kiu) and Eva Chan Sze Wai yesterday appeared on the TVB program BIG BOYS CLUB. Ah Chung after getting into trouble with host Bob Lam Sing Bun last time yesterday continued to "get handsy" with him yesterday. Ah Chung often smacked Bob's head, making Bob often had to hold his hands to pretend further attacks.

Last time the program received a tremendous response. Ah Chung said that this time Bob was not late. Instead the other hose Ricky Fan Chun Fung was a hour late. As for the host Penny Chan Kwok Fung last time, Ah Chung said, "I don't know who he is, I don't even remember what he looks like." He admitted that he never thought the last program would have such a great response. The comments online yelled at him even more than Johnson Lee. Ah Chung said that this time Bob was already much smarter, he would often dodge away. However he still "nailed" him three times.

When someone suggested for them to host a program together, Ah Chung said, "I am no interesting in being a host, I don't have the time. Actually Bob was pretty good. In the past (Eric Tsang) Chi Wai always hit me, now I get to hit Bob and rather enjoy it. The last time I hit someone with Chi Wa was already Anderson Junior." Was he afraid that Bob would really get mad at him? "He is the most afraid that people say he is late and unprofessional. He has no basis to get mad with. You have to be able to play to be in this business. In addition we are very familiar, if not we wouldn't mess around. Only results that no one would expect would be strong."

Bob said that he already worked hard at dodging Ah Chung's attacks. He said that the last program had good response. Later he called Ah Chung and they thought it was very funny. Did he mind people saying that he was late? He said, "Last time even my wife thought that I was late. I respect my job very much. Actually we are just joking around. I sad that I wanted to be the host of his funeral." When suggested that they could perform a stand up comedy show together, Bob said that "Ah Chung already formed 'Lam Cheng' with (Ronald) Cheng Chung Kei. Although my last name is Lam too, I am not there yet. I definitely would support their show."


Producer Jackie Chan with RESET stars Wallace Huo and Mini Yang
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The Jackie Chan produced new film RESET held a Beijing press conference. Leads Wallace Huo and Mini Yang Mi attended. The duo reunited after CHINESE PALADIN 3. Yang Mi praised Wallace Huo for being more mature. She also received praise for being even more serious at work. Jackie Chan mentioned that Wallace Huo in the film played the villain. In general handsome guys disliked playing the villain, but handsome guys could play villains for 70 or 80 years. "Little Fresh Meat" could easily be a flash in the pan. Wallace Huo thanked Jackie Chan for giving him the opportunity to play the villain and he would continue to develop in that direction. Earlier Yang Mi won the Best Action Actress award at the Shanghai Film Festival's Jackie Chan Action Movie Week. Jackie Chan was not on the jury. When Yang M won he was worried about accusation of unfairness. He asked the jury why Yang Mi would win and not Kara Wai Ying Hung? The jury's response was that Wai Ying Hung had less action scenes in the film, most of them were just of her running. Yang Mi was not an action actress but she personally performed a lot of the stunts. He reminded Yang Mi that being an action actress was very difficult, she should be an actress who could fight and not be an actress who would only fight.

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Angela Yuen calls King funny
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Angela Yuen Lai Lam, King@C AllStar, Kylie Li (Lee Yam Sun), Sean Pang Wing Sum and director Emily Chan Nga Lei two nights ago attended their film OUR SEVENTEEN (NA YUT NIN, NGOR 17)'s audience appreciation event in school uniforms in Diamond Hill.

Yuen Lai Lam sad that King looked very funny in a school uniform. King said that Johnny Depp has always been his idol. For his first movie he realized that he liked to make comedy even more. Yuen Lai Lam also revealed that when he was not in a scene he would watch Stephen Chow Sing Chi's funny film videos. King said, "After this time, next time maybe no one would ask me to make another movie. I am a music so music comes first. The first time I saw my head up there I really wasn't used to it, the had really was very big!" He also said that he experienced Yuen Lai Lam's goddess halo, as everyone had a lot of fun from working together.

Yuen Lai Lam said that she after chatting with King learned that they both were very stubborn and persistent people. Would they have any chance to develop? King said, "Next movie? Or perhaps musically we would. Her voice is very sweet. I hope in music we would have a chance to work together." The other three members of C AllStar earlier said that King could be Ronald Cheng Chung Kei's successor. He said that Ronald has a lot of experience while he just started. He would have to spend several more decades before we would be able to.


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Michael Ning and Cherry Ngan
Venus Wong and Carrie Ng have confidence in the new film's box office
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Michael Ning (Bak Ji) and Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling last night promoted their new film ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (GUM MAN DA SONG SI) as a couple with Carrie Ng Ka Lai, Venus Wong Man Yik and others. Bak Ji said that work was work and they were not on a date. Did their relationship change? Bak Ji clarified that it did not, as he stressed that work and relationship were separate. Would they work on another film as a couple? Bak Ji said, "This time at work we were very happy, but she and I had very few scenes together. If we acted together I would be afraid that I would be distracted." Ngan Cheuk Ling said that after their relationship went public their workload did not increase. She even suggested for everyone to help them with creating more opportunities.

Rarely used zombies as a subject, this Hong Kong film inevitably would be compared to the earlier Korean hit TRAIN TO BUSAN. Bak Ji admitted that he was confident about the box office because Hong Kong people liked domestic production and loved zombie films. One of the leads Louis Cheung Kai Chung joked that the box office duty was left to Bak Ji. He said, "I have no comment. I don't believe anything that I don't hear it with my own ears. Actually actors don't think much about the box office during the shoot, as long as the audience likes it then it's fine."

Ng Ka Lai hoped that the film would be able to continue the success of previous commercial and critical Hong Kong film hits. She believed that the audience also liked to hear Cantonese as it would not have a hard time from following the subtitles.

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77 HEARTBREAKS (YUEN LEUNG TA 77 CHI) not only almost reached HK$ 10 million in Hong Kong but opened in the Mainland as the top Chinese film, in terms of both admission rate and reviews. Director Herman Yau Lai To and the team were truly encouraged.

The actors not only attended audience appreciation events for days, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Michelle Wai Sze Nga were busy promoting in the Mainland. Ah Sa went to Guangzhou and Dongguan and met up with Wai Sze Nga in Shenzhen. Yesterday Wai Sze Nga promoted in Zhuhai as the final stop. The fans were very passionate. Some even followed the tour to support the team. Ah Sa was excited and happy about the good performance, as she said that a sequel would depend on everyone's support.

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Johnnie To, Richie Jen, Louis Koo
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Yesterday was Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai)'s 51st birthday. Two nights ago his boss Dr. Peter Lam Kin Ngok, mentor and friend director Johnnie To Kei Fung and friend Louis Koo Tin Lok held a birthday dinner for him. Siu Chai indeed was a good man. His manager gave him a big lai see, the total of which he donated to "Fresh Wave" to support Hong Kong film creative talent. Siu Chai refused to reveal the amount but stressed that it was all in Hong Kong currency. Siu Chai's birthday wish was good health. For days he has been receiving well wishes and gifts from good friends. He said, "I am very lucky!"

"Fresh Wave" founder and president To Sir gave Siu Chai a limited edition bottle of "Johnnie To wine". He even autographed the box for him. Siu Chai happily said, "Because I rarely drink and this bottle of wine has such a sentimental value, I will properly store it. Very soon it will become the only one in the world, making it even more valuable!" Siu Chai said that he admired To Sir very much. He said, "I have always played the good guy, righteous characters. Over a decade ago To Sir asked me to play a robber in BREAKING NEWS (DAI SI GEIN). At the time I said I didn't know how to, but he said, 'Once you are on the set you will be able to!' Then I got to the set with To Sir's direction, I really was able to and opened everyone's eyes. Years later To Sir asked me to play another robber in TRIVISA (SHU DAI JIU FUNG), which not only gave me a chance to be nominated for Best Actor but also many, many scripts for me to play the villain, the robber. They proved that everyone recognized my acting. I am very happy, I really have to thank To Sir for his sharp eyes!"

Siu Chai's voice was a little hoarse. Earlier when he performed in Canada he sang and screamed with the audience and lost his voice. He said, "I was very healthy when I was performing in Canada, everyday I ran and exercised. I was in great shape. Then during the show the audience was very enthusiastic, which got me excited too. After the show I lost my voice!" Siu Chai was very touched and happy that his boss and friends planned this dinner for him. He said, "Thank you very much for your gifts and well wishes, I am very lucky! Lately because I got a lot of scripts and I just got back from Canada, I still am a little jet lag, a little dizzy and my voice a little hoarse. I will properly take care and wish everyone and myself good health!"


Shawn Yue takes a photo over the air with the cast
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The film WU KONG yesterday held a Beijing press conference. Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin, producer Huang Jianxin led the "WU KONG Heavenly Team" Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Oho Ou, Qiao Shan to appear together. Thus even though Shawn Yue Man Lok was unable to appear he went online to connect with everyone and even recalled his 15 years of valuable friendship with Peng Yu-Yan. At the same time, several actors displayed their "Heavenly Team style". They not only told on each other but also ganged up against the director. In the end they even announced that the Heavenly Team "officially graduated".

Peng Yu-Yan, Oho Ou and Qiao Shan each carried their symbolic weapons. Peng Yu-Yan appeared oddly with his staff, Oho Ou's blade and Qian Shan's bow were rather eye catching.

When they talked about their characters, Peng Yu-Yan as the most rebellious and the most "uproarious" Wu Kong in history was dubbed the "Heavenly Team Wildest". Oho Ou was the most faithful character truly deserved the "Heavenly Team Most Faithful". Qiao Shan could not change his comedy star ways and selfishly chose "Heavenly Team Most Handsome" for himself. Then the trio rapidly made fun of each other and picked the most suitable funny description for each other. Qiao Shan was stuck with the "Heavenly Team's Most Tenth Grade Cute", Peng Yu-Yan was called the "Heavenly Team's most forced depressed".

Lok Jai was unable to appear in person but appeared on a call with everyone. He joked that he went to "catch the demon cloud". He also recalled how green they were when he and Peng Yu-Yan worked together on TOMORROW 15 years ago. Peng Yu-Yan also said, "After so many years, our friendship never changed. Our appearance hasn't changed either." This time the brothers reunited in WU KONG, Lok Jai also said that he will bring an even more human side to his character and performed many exciting fight scenes with Peng Yu-Yan. However, although he was not present, Lok Jai still "complained" about the director and said that "the director was very brutal to every actor". He even went to work out hard for the character. Finally he wished a good performance for the film. "Usually the most brutal movie for an actor would always perform well in the end."

Then joyful on set footage was shown. Lok Jai on the set even pretended to kiss Peng Yu-Yan. Peng Yu-Yan responded, "Because he was jealous that I had a kiss scene in the film, he added one for himself."


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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Jessie Li (Chun Xia) worked with Zhou Xun and Deanie Ip Tak Han in Ann Hui On Wa's new film OUR TIME WILL COME (MING YUET GEI SI YAU). Playing a guerrilla team member Wong Yuen Chi appeared in a Hakka village girl look. She admitted that she was very nervous during the shoot. "Ip Tak Han is a great elder. Working with her is very comfortable. Everyone's professionalism and focus make me get into character even faster." The captive scene was extremely memorable for her. In the story she, Ip Tak Han and others failed and were captured. The Japanese military took them to a dark room for interrogation. "The actor who played the officer was very in character. As soon as he rushed into the dark room he started slapping Ip Tak Han. My fear came from the bottom of my heart."

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Jackie Chan performs a mid air flip but when he lands he is too busy with chatting that he forgets to take off the safety harness
Mini Yang
Zhang Jingchu
Celina Jade

Yuen Biao
Sammo Hung
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Jackie Chan Action Movie Week award ceremony took place last night in Shanghai. Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Chin Kar Lok, Derek Yee Tung Sing, Mini Yang Mi, Yuen Biao, Yuen Qiu and others appeared on the red carpet. Jackie Chan said that every year he wanted to give up, but now it is already the third year. He pointed out that many Oscars went to dramas and were unfair to kung fu actors. He hoped through this award to honor his colleagues. He said, "Kung fu film actors used to know how to fight, now they also have to know how to act. Hung Kam Bo even knows how to edit and direct. Tonight I won't compete in any award of the movie week out of fairness. I hope from now on this event can keep going, even when one day I won't be able to continue." Hung Kam Bo earlier suffered from leg injury. Last night he stated that he wanted to fight for 60 more years so he was considering whether to have an operation or not. Tsang Chi Wai said that earlier the Jackie Chan Stunt Team 40th anniversary event took place in Beijing and he ran into many gold friends, brought back a lot of past film production memories. What everyone talked about over two nights was enough material to make into a comedy film.

Yuen Wah said that he came to support Big Brother Jackie Chan. He was very happy to have this movie week, which enabled the entire Yuen stunt team to have an annual reunion. Would they have any chance to work together? Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu both said that was up to Jackie Chan. Would they help Jackie Chan with new comer instruction? Yuen Wah suggested for new comers to follow them on the set and learn as they work. In addition Emil Chau Wa Kin and his son also walked the red carpet. Chau Wa Kin said that Jackie Chan invited him to sing. Since his son has not walked the red carpet, they brought him for the experience. Would they work together? Chau Wa Kins said that his acting was poor while his son said that his singing was poor. Would they have a chance to work with Jackie Chan? Chau Wa Kin said, "Let's see, we already can learn a lot from attending."

When Jackie Chan landed on the wires he was unable to remove the harness. He went back to the air to chat with everyone. When the Seven Little Fortunes appeared, they got a standing ovation. The event played the song that Jackie Chan recorded for this with the brethren's training footage. Hung Kam Bo was teary eyed. Yuen Biao even had to wipe his tears. Yuen Qiu had to turn around and cover her mouth from crying. Jackie Chan stated that their Master taught them the ways of life. Now that the Master and his wife were no longer with them, he invited the big brother Hung Kam Bo to speak. Hung Kam Bo joked, "You don't need to kiss my ass, actually we the Seven Little Fortunes have been together for already 58 years. We are older than anyone here. To be able to see each other in good health isn't easy at all!"

Last night the Best Action Director went to Dante Lam Chiu Yin. The Best Action Actor and Actress went to Scott Edward Adkins and Yang Mi.


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Clifton Ko discusses the concert details with Cheng Ka Cheung over video chat
Cheng Kam Cheung cherishes sharing the stage with Bruce Lee and Lydia Shum
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Known as the "Prince of Cantonese Songs", Cheng Kam Cheung yesterday officially announced his retirement and a 4 show farewell concert series in August.

Cheng Kam Cheung's farewell concert will take place between August 28th and September 1st. On August 28th and 29th it will be at the Tuen Mun Town Hall auditorium, on August 31st at the Yuen Long Theatre auditorium and On the 1st at the Macperhson Stadium in Mongkok.

Concert organizer Clifton Ko Chi Sum said that in the past few years, Cheng Kam Cheung worked with him on his Hong Kong concerts. This time, he knew that Cheng Kam Cheung hoped to perform a farewell show while he was still physically able to. To fulfill his wish, he decided to organize his farewell concert. This time will be a real farewell show. After this, Cheng Kam Cheung will not perform another concert.

Ko Chi Sum earlier had a video conference with Cheng Kam Cheung. Cheng Kam Cheung said that he began his music career in 1966. For over half a century he has sung many great songs. His most memorable were his claim to fame YUEN YEUNG GONG and TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER. He wrote the lyrics to both songs, which made him rich and famous. Cheng Kam Cheung in 1966 released his first Chinese record. In 1969 with YUEN YEUNG GONG he mesmerized Southeast Asia and Hong Kong fans. At the time only Mandarin and English songs were popular in Hong Kong, it was quite a big break through. In 1973 he appeared on ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT with superstar Bruce Lee. While Bruce Lee was giving a kung fu demonstration, Cheng Kam Cheung performed TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER. It became the talk of the town.

TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER was written in 1972. At the time Cheng Kam Cheung watched Bruce Lee's film THE BIG BOSS in Malaysia and appreciated Bruce Lee's on screen heroics and might. At home he wrote TANGSHAN BIG BROTHER. As soon as the song was released, it even caught Bruce Lee's attention. He asked Cheng Kam Cheung to meet and chat. At the TVB program ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT's 5th anniversary, the producer arranged for Cheng Kam Cheung to perform this song on the program. Halfway through, someone brought a big cake into the studio. In a bang Bruce Lee jumped out of the cake and laughed. Cheng Kam Cheung would never forget that. Cheng Kam Cheung said, "Bruce Lee even performed on the program. He suddenly turned around and kicked. The tip of his toes passed by the bridge of my nose. Because the program was live, he had to be very accurate with his kick to keep from injuring me. I still remember how strong the force from that kick was." In the end the song brought Cheng Kam Cheung countless opportunities to perform. He was very grateful for and missed Bruce Lee. Thus this time at the farewell concert he would definitely sing the song well.


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Pakho Chau, Charlene Choi and Albert Yeung celebrate 77 HEARTBREAKS' HK$ 8 million box office
Yumiko Cheng wants to fight over a guy with Charlene Choi on screen

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The film 77 HEARTBREAKS (YUEN LEUNG TA 77 CHI) after a week in release has already made HK$ 7.6 million at the box office as of yesterday. The performance was decent. The film company yesterday held an appreciation banquet. Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Pakho Chau, J.Arie (Lui Sum Yu), Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, C Kwan, screen writer Erica Li Man and Emperor boss Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing attended. A cake cutting and champagne toast took place as they wish for the film to break HK$ 10 million at the box office. To replenish the actors' leg strength from days of audience appreciation events, they received pork knuckles and chicken feet. Pakho even fed Ah Sa.

Pakho said that he was very happy the film was on top of the box office in Hong Kong two days ago and confident that it will be able to break HK$ 10 million. He will keep working hard on audience appreciation and promotions. Ah Sa said that the film will be released in the Mainland today and run into the latest TRANSFORMERS film, but she felt that it would not matter as long as it would not lose the boss' money. She said, "Making money is not my business, I got paid and that's that. (Would you like a bonus?) I do, if I negotiated it first I would."

Ah Sa revealed that the boss talked about a sequel, but it would have to wait for the screen writer to finish the script. She would also have to negotiate the bonus. Pakho said, "You negotiate first, I don't dare to say too much. I am very naive." Ah Sa also revealed that while working in the Mainland earlier, boss Mr. Yeung kept sending her some pretty photos from new properties to tempt her. She asked the boss if he would give one to her. The boss said, "That's right, give me a check first!" Ah Sa said that it would be very hard. "Each unit costs nine figures, and not the start of nine figures. (Next time you could ask the boss to turn your bonus into property.) These new properties are independent homes, they really are very pretty. (Would you ask the boss for a discount?) I would have to ask his son." Pakho joked, "57% or 59%? Pick one!" Ah Sa did not get it. After Pakho explained she said, "Then 57%, the boss also told me that (Joey) Yung Cho Yi already has her eyes on it."

Ah Sa's group Twins will release a new record. She said that many have been performing Side Track concerts. In the past she and Gillian Chung Yun Tung also liked non radio plug songs, so they would like the chance to perform this type of concert.

Pakho was asked about Shiga Lin's contract dispute with Warner records. He said that the matter has already begun its legal procedure so he was not at liberty to talk too much about it. He also revealed that his Warner contract would end last week. As for rumors that he would join Stephen Shiu Jr.'s new record company, he said, "Later an announcement will be made. I am looking forward to a new challenge for the next ten years."

Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi played Ah Sa's friend in the film. She also agreed that the film should have a sequel. She joked that she could play Ah Sa's romantic rival. "I can fight Ah Sa over her boyfriend, because in real life I wouldn't do that. We like different types, we only become friends because of that."