Tuesday, May 22, 2018

[2018.05.23] FOR THE WEEK STARTING MAY 19 2018

For the week starting May 19 2018

  Can : Ji Seung Wor Nei Jing Doh Si Guong
  Wowkie Zhang (Da Zhang Wei)

  Can : Uk Ding Cheuk For
  Victoria Song Qian (Sung Sin)

  Can : Tai Yeung
  Hinry Lau Cheuk Hin

  Can : Ngor Ji Doh Yiu Mei Siu
  Eric Chou (Chow Hing Jik)

  Can : Lau Long Dik Jung Dim
  Emil Chau Wakin

  Can : Lim
  Hu Xia

  Can : Shui Yuet
  Faye Wong, Natasha Na Ying

  Can : Mo Mo Mo
  Elva Hsiao (Siu Ah Hin)

  Can : Jui Seung Hui Dik Dei Fong
  Aaron Yan (Yim Ah Lun)

  Can : Tam Luen
  Jane Zhang Liangying

  Can : Yu Gor
  Jason Zhang Jie (Cheung Kit)

  Can : Yu Gein Nei Jun Oi
  Roy Wang Yuan

  Can : Man Man Hei Foon Nei
  Karen Mok Man Wai

  Can : Oi Liu Hung Gau Dik Pung Yau
  Hebe Tien (Tin Fok Yun)

 1 US
  Can : Ngor Moon
  Eason Chan Yik Shun


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na yesterday turned 33. She still spent her birthday at work, running in and out under 35 degree (Celsius) heat. She joked that staring at hunks Louis Koo Tin Lok, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, and Raymond Lam Fung could be reprieve from the heat. This group of hunks in the fiery weather celebrated her birthday with her, no wonder she was in a great mood!

Birthday girl Chrissie yesterday morning went to work on a chase scene. In the 35 degrees heat she ran in and out outside. Chrissie said that she had the best way for heat relief, "Aside from the cooling spray, I check out the hunks during my break. Also people would keep 'treating' cold drinks."

The hunks Chrissie referred to included Koo Tin Lok, Cheng Ka Wing and Lam Fung. They not only set up the cake for Chrissie, when Chrissie made her wish Goo Jai even put his hand over the candles to keep the wind from putting them out. Boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming was also on hand and presented flowers to Chrissie. Director David Lam Tak Luk led the birthday song singing. Everyone celebrated Chrissie's birthday outdoors without any fear for the heat.

As for her birthday wish, Chrissie wished for good health, hit films. Speaking of age, she said that she was not "29+1". She joked, "Sorry! It's 19+1 haha, as for boyfriend it would depend on fate. I am a Buddhist, I can sit here and he would come." Now Chrissie would like to take time off the most, especially when the shoot yesterday took place in the sun and near the sea. Naturally she really wanted to get into the water and wanted to go somewhere with the sun and the beach.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


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The film INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG MO YIN MOK) starred Sean Lau Ching Wan, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Karena Lam Ka Yun. The production is heating up. After Anita Yuen Wing Yi's special performance, Best Actress Lam Ka Yun joined the team. After a few days in production, the Hong Kong production wrapped. Ka Yun would then follow the team to Australia for location shoot. Ka Yun in the film played a couple with Lau Ching Wan. Although they did not spend a lot of time together, during the final scene at the ICAC headquarters, Ka Yun grabbed Ching Wan by the arm for a photo as she was reluctant to part with him. This was Ka Yun's first collaboration with Ching Wan, no wonder she turned into a little fan and asked for photo with her idol.

Ka Yun will leave Hong Kong for half a month, of course sh would miss her daughters the most. However Ka Yun said, "I think about the positive, after the Australian shoot I can spend the summer with my daughters." As for Ching Wan, he would not need to shoot on location but had many scenes in Hong Kong. He constantly had to perform solo. Ching Wan did all his homework and carried the movie. Now finally he could relax! Alex Fong Chung Shun who also wrapped up his production was rather excited. Chung Shun sweats a lot and did not like the heat. Each time working in the summer he would not feel great. Now he could finally relax a little after the wrap and spend the summer with his daughter.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


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Teresa Mo
Corinna Chamberlain
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Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Corinna Chamberlain (Chan Ming Yun) yesterday attended a Radio Hong Kong equal opportunity employment event. Mo Mo Said that as a result of starring in TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (WONG GUM FA), she brought a lot of attention from the community to the autism problem and attracted many charity organizations' invitations for her to participate in charity event. She said, "Film really is very powerful, like it is speaking of many of the weak. Actually Hong Kong also has many stories of people and groups that care. If I have time I would support them, as they are very meaningful."

Mo Mo said that despite winning the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with the film, her future film choices would not be affected. "I take roles mainly due to the script. I really like comedy too, making people laugh isn't easy. If it's realistic and able to make society think then it's even better. I am a little greedy in this aspect." She revealed that lately she received some scripts, she would consider productions in Hong Kong first. She said, "I am busy with a food related project." Would she open a restaurant? She said, "Probably, but it won't be a supper club. I will make the announcement in June or July."


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Chow Yun Fat turned 63 two days ago. This Year Fat Soh planned a surprise party for her husband and invited many friends. The most surprising was Patrick Tse Yin's appearance. "Birthday boy" Fat Gor that was danced and sang with friend. He even promised to take Sei Gor hiking in October, as he joked that they could go up to the hill to see fairies.

Fat Soh two days ago held a surprise birthday party for her husband and invited the producer of Fat Gor's film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) Ronald Wong Ban, director Felix Chong Man Keung, "fellow hikers" Liu Kai Chi, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Edko Film boss Bill Kong Chi Keung and photographer Anthony Pun (Poon Yiu Ming). The most surprising was the appearance of Tse Yin.

Fat Soh arrived at the hotel hours before to prepare. The birthday cake was a likeness of her and Fat Soh on a park bench and said "Wish you Happy Birthday, Good Health, Dreams Come True, PROJECT GUTENBERG unstoppable at the box office, sweeping across the globe and creating highest records." Fat Gor also admitted that his wife successfully surprised him. He said, "I thought it was just dinner with a few friends, I completely didn't know that the boss, the producer, actors and Sei Gor would be here. I am very happy. My birthday wish is to be able to run the hills and see fairies, living a beautiful life in the hills. It is very happy!"

Fat Gor taught Sei Gor how to jog in place, and the mischievous Sei Gor misbehaved. He also had a fitness competition with Fat Gor; when Uncle Chi performed THE BUND, Fat Gor clapped and sang along. After a few verses he even invited Sei Gor to do the twist. Sei Gor naturally complied.

Fat Gor said that the last time he and Sei Gor had dinner was months ago. He really wanted to bring the joy of hiking to Sei Gor so he set a "date in October". "With the October Autumn wind hiking would be more comfortable, that way he wouldn't say he has nothing to do at his age. For the rest of my life I would take care of just Tse Yin. Now we start with five to ten minutes. I will take him to the hills to see fairies."


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The Felix Chong Man Keung directed, Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Zhang Jingchu starred film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) will open on September 30th. The film company even released a trailer and poster. After working together in COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2), Fat Gor and Sing Sing had many scenes together this time. In the film Fat Gor played a counterfeit currency organization mastermind "Painter", while Sing Sing played a clueless painter as they teamed up to create a super realistic counterfeit currency.

With many gun fight scenes Fat Gor looked very heroic and inevitably reminded people of Mark Gor in A BETTER TOMORROW. In one scene Fa Gor light a cigarette with fake U.S. currency, which felt like a homage to BETTER! In addition, the film was shot on location in Hong Kong, Canada and Thailand and had three major gun fights. In the trailer the rocket blast took place in Thailand.


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Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Benny Lau Wai Heng two nights ago attended their film WHEN SUN MEETS MOON (MAU YUT MAU YUE)'s special screening. Former DJ Lau Wai Heng's director turn received support from 80s and 90s singers like Rita Carpio (Wai Yi Shan), Sarah Wong Bo Yan, Timonthy Wong Yik, Elaine Ho Yuen Ying, Jacqueline Man Pui Ling even brought her daughter. On such a rare occasion to get together, they naturally had to talk about their past.

Lead actress Tong Yi said that earlier when she attended the cinema audience appreciation, she was surprised to see a male viewer in tears. She said, "Because the movie is very touching, with a lot of family, or everyone might have experienced long distance relationship and it is a school story, so it is easy to relate." In real life she said that she has not experienced long distance love but believed that she would be able to accept it, because having her space and distance she would be better. Instead seeing each other everyday the relationship would become a habit you become accustomed to. Would she not want to be too dependent on her ten year boyfriend Ken Hung Cheuk Lap? Tong Yi said that she has always been independent and would play the role of a caregiver. The most important in a relationship was communication, not to throw a tantrum or end up in an argument whenever problems arose. Although they have been together for ten years, Tong Yi was in no hurry to wed. She and boyfriend have an understanding to continue to work hard on her career, before age 35 they would not consider marriage.

Wai Yi Shan and Wong Bo Yan both said that seeing the film poster they would be reminded of her first love. The former who starting working very early on said that her first love was not romantic at all, maybe becaus she was more tomboyish. Wong Bo Yan said that information technology was not as developed back then, often she had to hold a pillow and wait for his call at home. Wai Yi Shan said, "After I started working a guy wanted to pursue me and constantly wanted to ask me out; but back then I had to work and sing, after work I would rather go home and sleep. Finally he really waited for me to wake up. However he asked for a month before I agreed."